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Leading the charge in Federal AI by providing Modern, Secure, and Ethical Advanced AI Solutions to Transform Government Agencies with Cutting-Edge Technology and Expertise.

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The Future of Federal AI Education & Solutions

Our team is comprised of industry professionals who have decades of experience in AI, Cybersecurity, and Analytics. We teach advanced programs at major universities, participate as advisors on industry panels such as NIST for responsible AI, publish research materials and books in these areas, and over 26 years of hands-on experience supporting Federal and DoD agencies.

We can assist Federal Agencies in developing standards, tools, and education to ensure that Agency AI systems are secure and trustworthy. Our boutique offerings are specific to the needs of the Federal Government and DoD. We bring the innovative best practices from our commercial division developing cutting edge AI solutions for the hollywood entertainment industry, financial, utility, and healthcare organizations around the globe.

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Discover The Innovative for Federal Needs

Discover how our expertise in AI initiatives transforms government agencies. Leveraging global best practices, we offer tailored AI Governance Frameworks, AI Risk Management Frameworks, Ethical AI Usage, and AI Workforce Development. Our training enables staff to craft AI solutions, enhancing agency efficiency and compliance with Federal Executive Orders. Explore our diverse AI service offerings helping agencies detect fraudulent activity, identify rare health ailments at an early stage, prevention of dangerous cyber events, and simulating activities to mimic real-time scenarios without dangerous consequences.

AI Platform

We are proud to offer our no code data engineering and AI/ML platform, “Momentum” to the Federal Government and DoD through our GSA Schedule. Momentum allows users to develop a complete end to end AI/ML data/analytical solution without writing a single line of code.

Benefits of Momentum:

  • Create complete AI solutions in 1/10th of the time it takes to code using our graphical interface. No coding needed.
  • Complete traceability from data used to model output.
  • Can replace or compliment any already existing environment or platform. Completely flexible to meet your specific needs.
  • Completely secure with an on-premises option within your environment or your secure cloud deployment.

We are proud to offer our no code data engineering and AI/ML platform, “Momentum” to the Federal Government and DoD through our GSA Schedule. Momentum allows users to develop a complete end to end AI/ML data/analytical solution without writing a single line of code.

Our application is a web-based application complete with a customizable web-based verification-and-validation (vnv) engine to pipe anomalous output for manual correction. The corrected outputs are provided as feedback to the model to retrain and improve the accuracy. Our platform is comprised of Data Engineering, AI, Automation, MLOps, Warehouse, and Business Intelligence technologies.

AI Platforms

AI SecureGPT

Our SecureGPT Model will allow you to use GPT functionality through a proprietary GPT model that can be deployed in your environment and no connection to the internet or outside world. Load your data, ask questions, and get accurate results in a secure environment specific to your agency.

The application of SecureGPT can extend to many other areas of your agency. Its versatility and ability to understand and generate human-like responses make it a valuable tool for improving customer experience, streamlining operations, and enhancing communication in various domains.

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AI Cybersecurity

The Only Code-level Customizable Security Operation Centre Platform for Government which can custom build niche Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS). Code-Level Customization: bespoke platforms, custom modules, features.

We develop a complete Active Defense Platform within your budget. Our platform is a best in class SIEM, with added capabilities of SOAR, EDR, XDR, MDR, IR, Forensics, NOC, Data Security, Asset Management, Ticketing workflow, Compliance and more…
Customize your security needs based on risk appetite and budget.

Our Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA): Verify explicitly, Use least privilege access, Assume breach. Through our zero-trust architecture and digital services, we stand firm: a rock-solid barrier against threat actors.

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AI Services

Our AI Services are constantly working to bridge the gap between humans and the simulation of human-intelligence processes by machines. Our team uses the latest techniques such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, combined with Neural Network technology, we help our clients detect waste, fraud, and abuse in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, and Energy, Resources & Industrials sectors.

Our services offerings include:

  • Provide sufficient training so that government employees developing and using AI solutions have the responsible design, function, and implementation skills needed to make AI-based public services better.
  • Ensure responsible, transparent, and ethical AI systems by assisting organizations by reviewing existing risk control frameworks and update them to include AI risk management and impact assessment frameworks and processes.
  • Explain how AI is used in products, how the models are trained, and what data was used in the model.
  • Enable management, monitoring, and control of all AI activities within the organization.

Our Innovative Responsible AI Services are constantly working to help organizations bridge the gap between humans and the simulation of human-intelligence processes by machines.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services enable enterprises to accelerate performance, deliver real value and improve ROI through the application of intelligent process automation.

We feel digital security should be available and affordable to everyone. Through our zero-trust architecture and digital services, we stand firm: a rock-solid barrier against threat actors and provide services to secure your organizations digital future.

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AI Training

With our training program, you will master the fundamentals of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in this instructor-led, practical training program. The course is divided into two sections: theoretical and practical. Students will gain practical problem-solving skills during the course while studying topics including healthcare, the stock market, banking, manufacturing, and other sectors.

Students who complete the program will have the hands-on experience necessary to expand their knowledge of machine learning and AI and work on cutting-edge AI projects like self-driving cars and predictive maintenance. At the end of this course, you will develop a portfolio to showcase your knowledge, experience, and skillset.

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How we can help Agencies with their AI initiatives

We provide AI workforce training and have trained over 100 organizational employees without coding experience.

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Best Practices

We bring best practices, policies, and successes from our other global government AI initiatives. (EU, Canada, Middle East)

AI Deployment

We will help your agency develop an AI Governance Framework and Program for Accountability, Risk Management, Ethical, Transparent, Fair use, and more…

Funding Request

We can assist with justification for funding for AI initiatives based on experience helping organizations show AI value propositions.

Data Investments

Our team can assist in expanding your current data investments with AI techniques creating an AI-driven organization.

Workforce Development

We train government staff on the basics of AI with our AI training programs. Using our platform for training students get to practice developing their solutions on our platform after the training program is completed. No programming skills are needed to create your own AI solutions.

AI Machine Learning

How we apply AI to Federal Agencies:

We help agencies meet the requirements of the executive orders

Our Achievements

Executive Order (13960) Promoting the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Federal Government”, and codified by the Advancing American AI Act, federal agencies are required to inventory their Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases and share their inventories with other government agencies and the public.

How QuantaHub2 Helps:

The EO requires the use of an AI system that uses logistic regression, linear regression, decision trees, or other machine learning models, regardless of the complexity of the model. We provide over 40 models on our AI System Momentum platform, out of the box, and each type has its own characteristics and can support many federal applications. These mathematical models learn by being fed data and imitate the way humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

Executive Order (14110) on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence. Agencies must “design, develop, acquire, and use AI to foster public trust and confidence while protecting privacy, civil rights, civil liberties, and American values.

How QuantaHub2 Helps:

With our experience, we help agencies develop standards, tools, and tests to ensure that AI systems are properly secure and trustworthy. We develop best practices to ensure jobs are protected and the privacy of all Americans are protected. With our extensive experience in AI and a Data Engineering AI/ML platform to meet these requirements, we are a premier partner for protecting the public from the risks of irresponsible AI.

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Unlock The Potential of AI for Your Federal Agency With Our Expert Solutions

Pioneering AI tech for Federal Agencies, we offer secure and ethical solutions to revolutionize government operations through AI education, cybersecurity, and analytics.

Dr. Joshua Sinai

Chief Security Risk SME Partner and Board Member

Dr. Sinai is Professor of Practice, Intelligence and Security Studies, Capitol Technology University, Laurel, MD. He teaches at the B.S., M.S., and Doctoral levels, including Chairing doctoral dissertation students. His specializations include conducting studies, curriculum development, courses and training in applying intelligence analytic methodologies to examine international security risks. These include enterprise security risk management (ESRM) frameworks and methodologies, as well as the dimensions of resilience, such as strategic innovation in products and services. Dr. Sinai’s more than 30 years’ experience in national and international security studies has been conducted in the U.S. government, the private sector, and academia. He also serves as a Board Member at Safely2Prosperity, a start-up in the healthcare management field.

Dr. Tony Rockferry

Chief Medical SME, Partner, and Board Member

Tony’s studied in China where he was formally trained as a doctor in both Western and Chinese medicine and holds multiple technology patents and partnerships in supply and manufacturing companies worldwide. He has led the pioneering of several brands and startups of his own and has played an integral part in assisting other major companies with innovative products, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality product enhancements. Companies included: Tesla, Microsoft, NASA, H2o (Human Health org), Samsung, and LinkedIn. Tony has a passion for helping charitable organizations that look to cure cancers and eradicate diseases, utilizing his medical training through his involvement and board seat holdings in several medical companies.

Gil Smith

Global Advisory and Board Member

Successful business operations executive with over 30 years of diverse experience. Functional experience in all areas of management include finance, treasury, Federal PPB&E, business development, board management, representation, coaching, executive development, organizational development, administration, contracting, facilities management, human resources, business enterprise development, business development, security and police force management, protective services, emergency operations, P&L, and legal services. Gil served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration – USDA Political Appointee and is a Veteran.

Terry Divittorio

National Security SME and Board Member

Dynamic, innovative, and results-orientated executive, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity professional with proven success in developing and delivering national security-focused solutions to generate revenue and expand market share. A thought leader and trusted advisor with over 40 years of technical, operational, and management experience in government and commercial contracting with a specialization in building profitable, start-up businesses, product and solutions sales organizations, and the development and delivery of sustaining operational capabilities focused on the national security community.

Rajesh Kumar Nedungadi

Partner International Strategy and Board Member

Scion of A Former Royal House of Kerala, India President Garuttman Group, USA. Rajesh is an entrepreneur & visionary specializing in International Business Strategy and Market Development with focus on Middle East & North America. With over 20 years’ experience in international trade, Rajesh is an expert on Business Strategy Development, Market Opportunity Development and International Sales & Marketing of Products and Services including the IT Industry. Rajesh is working as Managing Partner / Board Member of many companies including, Globistic Company USA, Castlewick Companies, USA.

Will Rohde

Founder CEO and Board Member

Will is a growth executive with 25+ years of experience in go-to-market strategy development and execution, innovative technical solutions, and business & technical operations. Experience gained in the Government, Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Energy industries, having worked with Fortune 50 companies, start-ups, and at one of the country’s leading management consulting firms. Consistently recognized for his ability to significantly enhance shareholder value. Will also played Pro Baseball and Pro Beach Volleyball for over 16 years during his career.